A Christmas Carol Slots

Is A Christmas Carol the most famous festive story ever told? It must be, and so it is also a fine story to inspire one of our favorite festive slot games to play. If you haven't yet tried it, make sure you are ready to do so by reading our extensive review below. It contains all the facts and features, giving you everything you need before playing A Christmas Carol.

Here's some developer info to begin our review

Things start off promisingly here, as we can reveal the identity of the creator as Betsoft. They've got some excellent 3D slots on offer, and this title is another of those.

They also provide players with a chance to try a demo game

There's plenty to like about A Christmas Carol, and we can include its practice version in that as well.

We have a delightful festive theme

Yes, we do, as you knew we would, and it's also based on a story by Charles Dickens, so you can fit it into that category as well if you like.

Betsoft does it again with another excellent design

It's hard to find a Betsoft slot game that doesn't impress with its graphics. Scrooge and the ghosts of the story all appear in the game, with snowy scenes outside Scrooge's window. We think it might well be Christmas Eve, you know…

Let's see what you can expect from A Christmas Carol

There are five reels in this slot. Betsoft hasn't included any progressive prizes. It has included a turkey though, which acts as the wild. Not a truly wild turkey as it's a cooked one, ready to eat. It doesn't replace the ghosts in the game, but it can substitute for all the other icons.

Since there are three ghosts that all play important roles in the story, it makes sense that Betsoft has included three scatters. You can work out the identities of those, we're sure.

How many paylines are there in A Christmas Carol?

There are 25 lines in action, and you do need to cover the lot as they're fixed.

Bets to choose from before you spin

This isn't a penny slot, with the smallest available coin coming in at two cents. Multiply that by the paylines and you're looking at 50 cents as the cheapest bet per spin. There are other available coins too, and you also have the chance to play anything from one up to five coins on each line.

The importance of the paytable

A Christmas Carol offers many features, as you might expect from a Betsoft slot game. Make sure you read every part of the paytable before playing for the first time - even if this means loading the demo.

A bonus comes from The Ghost of Christmas Present

If you land three Ghosts of Christmas Present in one spin, all the Ghosts on the reels in that spin will turn into wild turkeys. Watch and see if that results in one or more prizes.

Free spins available from the Ghosts of Christmas Past or Future

Yes, the other two Ghosts provide two versions of a free spins round. Three, four, or five Ghosts of Christmas Past will award three, six, or 12 games, respectively. The same quantities and outcomes also apply to the Ghosts of Christmas Future. You do need three identical scatters for them to count.

These are always guaranteed prize-winning spins as well, so even if you only land three, you're going to get a cool outcome. Watch for a chance of three or more additional matching scatters to get more spins as well.

The RTP dips a little low for us in this game

The ideal scenario is to find a percentage of 96% or above, so this one coming in at 94.58% does go way lower than that.

Our rating: Christmas turkey or Christmas gift?

We think we can call this one a gift, apart from the low RTP. It looks beautiful, gives us a great look at the story from Dickens, and includes all the famous Ghosts in the book. We couldn't go lower than nine out of 10, even with the lower return to player percentage.

The best potential lies inside the free games round

Since there are two scatters that could potentially get you there, you've got two useful Ghosts to hunt down for some free games. And since each free spin brings at least one prize, there's plenty to look forward to in those games.

The practice version is ideal for a festive jaunt to find out more

With lots of wonderful features to look out for in this game, we think a few spins on the demo version is the best way to see the festive story in action.

Sort out your budget if you'd like to play for real

A Christmas Carol is available across many online casinos offering Betsoft slot games, so it's easy enough to find somewhere to play it.

You can also play on a mobile device

It works beautifully on iOS and Android devices.