Mega Money Mine Slots

Welcome to the glory days of classic slot games. Mega Money Mine is your bridge to the glory days of 1950s Vegas and Reno. Built with today's technology with Wager Gaming Software, you have a first-class ticket to gaining paradise. Mega Money Mine is a three-reel game with a blend of classic icons with a progressive jackpot waiting in the wings.

Exploring the Mine

Mega Money Mine is a straightforward three-reel game with a single pay line. The game action takes place directly in the mine. Due to its simplicity, you don't have a horde of options like you would other modern slot games.

Instead, you have a series of coin buttons to make a single, double, or triple coin bet. Mega Money Mine offers different winning combinations based on how much you wager. You can seamlessly shift through single coin and max bets with a press of a button. Mega Money Mine also doesn't have an autoplay feature

Mega Money Mine's Paytable

Mega Money Mine lays out all its icons directly on the screen in true retro-slot fashion. Here's a list of Mega Money Mine Slot icons:

  • Single bars
  • Double bars
  • Cherries
  • Blue sevens
  • Diamonds
  • Shovels
  • Gold Bars

And you have the Mega Money Mine icon, which is the ticket to the progressive jackpot. With a single bar, you can win anywhere from 20 to 60 credits based on your wager. A cherry tastes and pays nicely to the tune of 15 to 45 credits.

Any combination of bars delivers eight to twenty-four credits. So you can make extra magic with six to eighteen credits with a single gold bar or two golden bars. Also, a single seven makes playing okay by dealing up to three credits.

Mega Money Mine's bonus round is the jackpot. True to vintage slot games, you won't find a free spins round. Again, how much you wager impacts which jackpot you get. A maximum three-coin bet leads to 100% of the jackpot, while a single coin wager produces 15% of the jackpot.