Primal Hunt Slots

The title of this slot game, Primal Hunt, would suggest we will soon meet an animal of some kind. You might guess which one we are referring to. That's not the whole theme here though, as we're not going to stay in the present day to play this one.

It's always a sensible move to read a complete slot game review before playing a game, so we've written one here about the Primal Hunt slot game. There is plenty to discover, so it's time to see what you think.

A promising developer reveal

The developer can reveal much about the game to come, and when we say this one comes from Betsoft, you'll hopefully feel good about playing it.

Demo spins make the ideal starting point

Betsoft always welcomes curious players, so you can choose the demo game to see how it works before trying the real one.

Digging into the primal theme

The animalistic theme here involves a cave lion, and there is a definite feeling that we've gone way back in time to play this one.

Is this another promising Betsoft design?

It's certainly a cool one to play, although perhaps not as detailed as many others in their collection. Expect to see the cave lion and its cave, of course, and plenty of rocky elements too.

Pick up the basics of the Primal Hunt slot game here

Let's get underway with the basics, which cover five reels, each offering four symbols to look at. The game doesn't offer any progressive prizes, so you're restricted to looking for regular ones.

We love nothing better than a wild that says WILD, and that's what's in action this time. You'll only see it on the middle three reels, although there are four positions on each, so that's good. You can use this to substitute everything apart from the scatter symbols. Yes, there are two, with the hunting lion as one, offering scatter prizes whenever you get at least three in view. The other one is the cave lion, which can turn up in stacks.

Expect lots of paylines in the Primal Hunt slot game

You've got 80 to contend with this time, but be aware they're all fixed, so you need to pay to play on all of them.

How much does it cost to play Primal Hunt?

Perhaps less than you might think. Eighty lines might point to an 80-cent bet, but in fact you'll be able to start at just a quarter of that. You can begin playing at 20 cents per spin, with other wagers going through various values until you get to the maximum of $22 per spin.

Paytable info for Primal Hunt slots

This is always a good place to begin, so if you're reading this and about to play the game for the first time, load the paytable first.

Bonus features aren't available

There's nothing along these lines in the slot game.

Free spins can appear courtesy of the hunting lion

If you get three lions in one spin, eight free games will come your way. You can improve on this count by finding four lions to get 12 spins or five lions to get the maximum of 20 spins.

Whenever wilds drop in these free games, they'll display either 2x or 3x as a multiplier. Better still, if you find two or three wilds in a winning combination, all the wilds multiply by their own values, meaning you could end up with a giant multiplier to apply to the regular prize.

The RTP comes in at just over the desired level

It's agreed that 96% is the minimum preferred level to look for, and Betsoft has set this one at 96.10%.

What's our opinion on the Primal Hunt online slot game?

This is definitely an 8.5/10 game, thanks to the solid gameplay and a few neat tweaks presented by Betsoft.

How much could you receive in prizes?

Betsoft confirms that the best outcome is 4,420x your bet. We know that some of their other games go higher than this, and of course there's no progressive here, but it is still a solid maximum.

Load that demo first to stay safe

You won't know whether you like this one enough to play for real until you try it, so make sure you start with that version.

Will you move onto the real version of Primal Hunt?

If you do, you'll see that a low 20-cent bet does cover all 80 lines, which is one of the best offers we've seen.

Can you also play on other devices?

If you're not keen to play this one on a computer, you can use an Android or iOS device instead.