Rainbow Riches

Even if you've only ever played a handful of slots, you'll know about Rainbow Riches. This is one of the most popular slots around, so you might recognize elements of the title screen, with the lush greenery and bright rainbow above. The classic Rainbow Riches title is there, with Cash Cluster added below it. So, shall we find out what else is coming in this sequel?

Played out on a bigger grid

Instead of seeing standard reels here, you'll get a grid measuring six wide by eight high. There is a prize chart that appears to the left of these reels, which shows you how many positions you need to fill to earn each prize. Above those positions, there are two other elements inside a purple area. These give you the Pots of Gold bonus and the Road to Riches bonus.

Pay to play six spins

Yes, this game doesn't work the same way you might expect it to. You won't play one spin at a time. Instead, you choose your wager and play a set of six spins. Depending on how you perform in those six spins, you can choose to play another set of three for an extra bet. You need different quantities of each icon to receive the related prize.

How can you reach the bonus levels?

Three leprechauns get you through to the Road to Riches. This shows a yellow road (although not made from bricks, by the look of it), and the leprechaun stands ready to assist. You need to get as far along the road as you can before the round ends. The road is littered with multipliers, and if you reach the end, a pot of gold awaits… worth 100x your triggering bet.

Next up is the Pots of Gold bonus. You need a separate trigger for this round, and this is three pots of gold, so no surprise there. You must simply sit and wait for the leprechaun to do and dance and see which of the available pots of gold will be yours. You could net up to 500x your triggering bet in this case.

Try the demo to see whether Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster is for you

It's hard to see just how this game works unless you try it first. Fortunately, we do

get a demo to experiment with, so you can get used to the six-spin format. Once you've got the hang of it, you can see whether this is the next game you may want to play. Find it at many participating online casinos today.