Super X

Super X Slots

We love slots from Pragmatic Play, so when we heard about the Super X online slot release, we wanted to know more about it. Is it going to beat other slots from the same developer? Are there going to be some awesome results on the reels, or does it lack a certain something?

We've tried the demo for Super X slots, so let us share what we discovered here.

A standard format with a Super Spin feature

It's clear the creators have gone for a standard idea here, offering five reels and three rows of icons on each spin. However, a quick glance to the left shows us that the slot comes with a Super Spin feature. This is optional, and it does require an extra bet.

The minimum bet for the game is 20 cents, but if you keep those settings and switch the Super Spin feature on, the bet for each spin increases to $2. So, you're playing a lot more on each spin, although the X Feature does appear on every spin if you do it. Bottom line? Think carefully and remember your budget before you use this feature.

Scatters and wilds

The wild symbol is labeled, offering a gold star with a blue gem inside it. It can land on the middle three reels, and replaces all but the X symbol, the scatter, and all other symbols involving digits. Sounds confusing? We'll explain more shortly.

The scatter also gets a label, this time featuring two gold dice. This is limited to reels one, three, and five.

Another symbol you want to look for is the purple disc. This has zero value, but it can appear with a digit between 0 and 9 inside it if you reach the respin feature.

X marks the spot

The X appears in golden tones and can only show up on the first reel of the Super X slot game. whenever this occurs, you'll get a respin of everything else. This can result in prizes, but it is best to play the demo of Super X first, as this part is tricky to explain. It's far easier to understand it if you see it in play.

Find three scatters for some free games too

Super X offers five free games in exchange for three scatters. However, these occur on different reels. The first reel contains three X symbols, and all remaining reels have blank and numbered discs in place. There is a chance to gain more spins from this round, so see what happens as things get underway.

Our verdict on the Super X slot is that it may take a little longer than you'd expect to figure out how it all works. It's not the easiest game to play. Even when we tried the demo, it took a while to figure out how the prizes worked with those discs. However, the Super X slot certainly is different from anything else we can think of. Check out the demo from Pragmatic Play to see if you agree.