Winning Numbers: All About Keno

According to Cafe Casino, "They Know Keno!" Okay, then, so what are the winning numbers for players who love the game? Cafe has put out an extensive Guide to Keno wherein all players will benefit from tips and tricks.

Playing Keno

Akin to the lottery, Keno is a game of luck. Players choose up to 15 numbers between one and 80 and mark them on the Keno card. Then, as players watch the screen, 20 numbers are drawn at random. If players match enough numbers, they will win. The highest win is up to 100,000xs player's wager.

Classic Keno vs. Keno Draw: What is the Difference?

Both versions are under Specialty Games at Cafe Casino. While they are the same, all players have to purchase Keno Cards, which begin with one cent up to $10. Players can choose to play more than one card at Cafe Casino. In the classic game, players can select one, five, or ten cards. In Keno Draw, players can choose 25 or 50 cards to play.

Choosing the Winning Numbers?

While many sources who know the game well tell us that some players pick numbers sequentially or choose cold or hot numbers is merely a fallacy.

What are the Odds in Keno?

Cafe Casino recommends keeping the house edge as low as you can. For example, if players put one number on a Keno card, the payout for matching that number is 3xs. Thus, the house edge would be 25%. But, if players put two numbers on a Keno card, they will win 15xs if matching both numbers, giving a low house edge of 9.81%.

What are the Winning Numbers?

It isn't easy to pick out winning numbers in a game that uses a random number generator. Every player has a strategy, regardless of whether they win or lose; Keno is a game of chance - just like Lotto. We encourage all players to visit Cafe Casino and practice playing the game of Keno. See how you fare and then go on to play for real money.