Jungle Mega Moolah Slots

We bet you know all about the famous Mega Moolah slot game. While it sat alone as the only slot with that title for years, things have recently changed. Now we've got a few sequels that use the Mega Moolah brand, offering a different twist or theme each time. So, what's in store if we venture into the Jungle Mega Moolah slot game?

Who developed this game?

Microgaming is the famous brand in action here, although Aurum Signature Studios were responsible for the design.

Is there a chance to try a demo?

Yes, you should find you can choose this version of the game if you wish. It's an ideal way to experiment for a bit before deciding whether it's right for you.

You can figure out the theme for this one

Since the title is simply Jungle Mega Moolah, you can expect a jungle setting to greet you when you have loaded the reels.

We're heading deep into a jungle design here as well

The background features a darkened jungle setting. We can tell you we wouldn't want to linger there for long - especially not at night. Expect to see some jungle inhabitants on the reels, rendered in beautiful detail.

Are you ready to find out how to play Jungle Mega Moolah?

We have a five-reel game for you here, and there are three symbols per reel. The big attraction from the original game is here though, and that's the four progressive jackpots. Each has a different animal or bird footprint next to it, so that's a neat touch. You'll see all four jackpots above the reels throughout the game.

As for special symbols, there is a wild here that displays the word in gold with vines growing around it. A serious-looking monkey is used as a scatter.

How many paylines does Jungle Mega Moolah offer?

The game has 25 of them, and it looks as if they're fixed in position, too.

Choose one bet per spin

Since they've fixed the lines, it makes sense that you'd get a fixed wager for each spin too. The options begin from 25 cents, moving through various other possibilities until you reach the maximum $6.25 bet on each spin.

According to our research, the higher your wager goes, the better the chances are of unlocking the Jackpot Wheel. However, you should only ever bet with wagers you can afford with your budget, so keep that in mind. There are never any guarantees.

The paytable explains more about the icons and their values

There are some neat payouts in this game, aside from the progressive prizes, of course. You can read about them all in the paytable - the ideal point to start from when you play.

Is there a bonus round to play?

There is of sorts, and it can randomly trigger on any paid spin of the base game. This is the jackpot round, and it shows you the Jackpot Wheel. There are lots of segments on this wheel, each labeled for one of the progressive jackpots. If you reach it, you're going to walk away with one of those prizes. The top prize only has one segment out of 20 on the wheel, so you've got long odds on hitting that, even if you manage to reach the wheel to start with.

Free spins courtesy of a collection of monkeys

Did you know the collective noun for a group of monkeys is a barrel or a troop? In this case, you need a barrel of three or more to find 15 free games to play. You'll receive a 3x multiplier for everything won during the free spins. Unfortunately, you can't pick up any jackpot prizes during these games.

What's the RTP like in Jungle Mega Moolah?

We've done our research and the figure that keeps coming up is 93.42%, which is low. This is likely down to the progresive jackpots though, as the top jackpot is seeded at $1 million. This means that whenever someone wins it, it returns to the $1 million starting point. You always tend to see lower RTPs whenever progressives are involved - especially ones like these.

Our rating for Jungle Mega Moolah

It's not a huge leap to get from the original game to this one, although we have a jungle theme rather than a safari one. The graphics are much better though, so if you want a better-looking version of the original, this is the one to play.

Watch out for some jackpot winners

The big winners can grab the headlines thanks to the seven-figure prize. We'll let you know if we hear of any of those.

Check out the demo to see how it works

There are no major surprises in this slot. There is nothing too complicated, but it's still fine to try a few practice spins to see what you make of it.

Play for real if you want a chance to play for those jackpots

Let's be clear - very few people are ever going to get one of the jackpots. However, there are many other prizes available too.

The game plays just as well on mobile too

Android fans can try it on those devices, while iOS fans have iPads and iPhones to play on instead.