Progressive Jackpots Explained

Players love progressive jackpots because they have the unique opportunity to win a BIG payout. We're not talking about hundreds, but thousands or even millions of dollars. So what exactly is a progressive jackpot? Well, it comes in many forms. As a slots player, you may have played progressive jackpots that are random or offer two or more pots. Some jackpots are fixed at a certain amount. For example, a Cash Grab and others may have a fixed amount at $5,000 or $25,000 depending upon the name of the jackpot. When it reaches the threshold, the machine will hit.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A Progressive Jackpot increases every time a player makes a bet, and many are linked to other online casinos. Here's an example: Let's say you are playing Bubble Bubble 3 Slots, a new RTG progressive jackpot at one casino, but perhaps you joined two or more at the same time and have seen the same slot game at other casinos. When you wager on this particular slot, all the progressive jackpots for Bubble Bubble 3 are linked so that the pot continues to grow.

Are there other Online Casino Games Linked to the Progressive Jackpot?

Yes. Many of the top online casinos have table games that link to progressive jackpots. Players may have seen some table games that have a side bet that connects to progressives.

What Kind of Progressive Jackpots Are There?

Any progressive jackpot will show the types of pots available at the top of the slot. We have seen Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini, or a combination of two. There is If there is one progressive jackpot, it is usually random. A standalone progressive jackpot is the type of jackpot that doesn't link to any other slot. A Must Win By progressive slot has a cap on the amount. The Open-Ended pot is precisely what the term infers. Many players will wager on the slot until someone hits.