Quest to the West Slots

Quest to the West Slots is a Betsoft creation and one of the premier games on There are Monkey Kings and Wilds galore as this brilliant five reel attraction introduces players to next level gameplay and a brilliant aesthetic lore. Quests and bounties also exist in the Quest to the West Slots universe, and players can win up to twelve hundred and sixty times their initial wager!

There are role playing game elements in Quest to the West Slots, and it begins with the Monkey King quest. When a player matches up to three Monkey Kings in a row, a quest for free spins will begin and players can earn unfathomable treasures of this West World! Players can quickly learn or polish up their virtual slots skills with the free play mechanic, and up to one thousand free credits are offered with the same gameplay mechanics offered in the wagering version of the game.

The whimsical tunes and gorgeous background paint a picture of a flowing and constantly moving world that engages players and makes them enamored with the entire Quest to the West Slots vibe. Matching emperors, lotuses and ten through face cards in a standard deck make Quest to the West Slots an easy to learn game with mechanics that are fun to master. The symbols also do not end at the top of the royal hierarchy, there are many more emblems to match that range in scarcity including warriors, pigs, horses and even dragons!

Players will definitely be shooting for the more rare emblems to match which means Emperors and Monkey Kings abound, but oddly enough due to their symbolic and spiritual meaning pigs and warriors are worth quite a bit, even more than dragons! Players will have to study the game lore intrinsically to know what matches are best, but this is of course what the free play mode is for and Betsoft is at the top of its game when it comes to introducing new players to their franchise and game titles.

Quest to the West Slots is a new game with a bit of the old world. It's thematic presence and simplistic gameplay add to the overall presence it has as a title, with overbearing visuals and a less original theme Quest to the West Slots may have just been another slots game. What Betsoft has created here is an easy to understand three by five reel game with fantastic prizes and the ability to earn well over one thousand times a single wager!