The Immortal Captain Rizk Slots

Microgaming is on an absolute roll with thematically brilliant slots titles that range from holiday adventures to tales of ancient kingdoms and thrones! The Immortal Captain Rizk Slots is available on and ventures into the world of superheros and more as Microgaming yet again shows off it's range in terms of game creation!

Players will be thrust into the world of Captain Rizk, a hero of epic proportions resembling superheros and protagonists of yester year! Part Superman and part Shazam, Rizk is a modern day slots hero that even Marvel could adapt to the big screen! With over two hundred and forty three ways to win, players will enthusiastically match symbols of might to conquer the most immense of rewards!

The standard ten through face symbols are available as on most slots games, but players will venture into scarcity and fun they've never seen when collecting the superpowered items and bonuses The Immortal Captain Rizk Slots brings to life! From war time generals and hunting dogs to super speed and flight, everything is relevant and comically fun! The most worthy of emblems to match are Captain Rizk's superpowers themselves. From super strength, to laser vision, and even the Captain Rizk logo itself, players will find a ton of fun and prizes to win in this comic book inspired slots adventure!

The logo scatters and wild beacons can me found and matched and when done in multiples of five, players will be granted up to twenty free spins and a six times multiplier bonus for each scatter or wild collected! When accumulating super strength and laser vision then suddenly landing a fantastic wild multiplier, players will become enamored with this title as its one of MIcrogaming's best and best looking!

Base multiplier bonuses for The Immortal Captain Rizk Slots are up to two times the wager, this isn't the most elite of bonuses but when considering it's mostly low volatility it works quite well with the dynamic gameplay. The Rizk beacon being a big 'R' in game can become as prevalent as the bat symbol for Batman. The Immortal Captain Rizk Slots is a fantastic slots title and the immortal Captain Rizk is a fantastic protagonist and adds a necessary comic book feel which has landed the game so many high ratings.

It's a great day to jump into the world of heros and riches created by one of the leading slots game publishers today in Microgaming!