A Tale of Elves Slots

A Tale of Elves Slots is a fabled virtual slots adventure set in the fantastical world that Microgaming has built! Players can visit www.bengames.com to immerse themselves within the game and find a way to unbelieveable earnings! There are over two hundred and forty three ways to win in A Tale of Elves Slots with five reels to play on!

Five of a kind emblems being matched on the reel provide the most prize potential to players. Symbols from least scarce to most range from blue elves, green elves, orange elves, yellow elves, wreaths and Old Saint Nick himself! Santa himself works as a scatter found in most all slots games and can takeover the board with his own particular symbol to help players match and win big! Matching three scatters provides extra spins and multipliers in which the player can keep reaping the spin rewards, two scatter matches equals some credits back to the player but three is what players are aiming for.

By matching three Santa symbols, players can find themselves in a free spin game which offers up to eighteen free spins on a single go and even multiplies the initial wager by up to five times as well! Prizes and the ability to earn are never at a stand still with A Tale of Elves Slots, this is a well crafted holiday inspired game that is fluid throughout the year with it's fair wagering and extremely low minimum entry. Up to twelve credits can be wagered on a single reel spin and that will have immense value if even two scatters or a single multiplier is found on the board.

A Tale of Elves Slots is a high volatility game and Microgaming has balanced out the easy mechanics and low entry fee to balance out the quirks with it's at times difficult nature. The worthy prizes and free spins also keep the fun pouring out and players will be inclined to collect every single elf available. A Tale of Elves Slots is a fixture of the slots universe and is fun to play no matter the mood or season!

The balance of this game is dynamic unique and free spins do offset the multiplier which adds to volatility. The fun factor and constant prizes and visual effects make this one a keeper, and one can accept not winning on every pull of the reel. A Tale of Elves Slot is a worthy winter game but there's no reason to jump in right now and play! There is a free play mode available for those new to the game or genre itself, and some are a single click from winning the jackpot!